Transistor S8050: Replacement, pinout, Equivalent and Specs

The S8050 silicon bipolar transistor is designed for use in low frequency class B push-pull amplifiers and other general purpose amplifiers. It is also used in various Arduino-based modules, LED control circuits, light sources and other electronics. Its structure is n-p-n.

The pinout

Let’s look at the pinout of the S8050 in a TO-92 hole-mount package and a SOT-23 hinged package. In the second case it is marked as J3Y. In the figure you can see how the legs of the device in question are arranged in both versions.



Let’s start with the maximum possible values, exceeding these parameters is unacceptable and leads to the transistor failure. All maximum S8050 specifications were measured at ambient temperature +25°C, here they are:

  • voltage between C-B VCBO (Ucb max) – 40 V;
  • voltage between C-E VCEO (Uce max) – 25 V;
  • voltage between E-B VEBO (Ueb max) – 5 V;
  • current through collector IC (max):
    • in SOT-23 package IC (max) – 500 mA;
    • in TO-92 package IC (max) – 700 mA.
  • power, dissipated at collector junction
  • in SOT-23 package Pk 300 mW;
  • 1 W in TO-92 package
  • allowable crystal temperature +150 °С;
  • operating temperature from -55 to +150°C.

Also important parameters to pay attention to are the electrical specifications. They were measured at a temperature of +25°C. The other values are given in a separate column of the table, which is called “Measurement modes”.

Electrical characteristics of the transistor S8050 (at T = +25 °C)

ParameterTest ConditionsSymbolMINTYPMAXUNIT
Collector-base breakdown voltageIC = 100μA, IE = 0VV(BR)CВO40V
Collector-emitter breakdown voltage IC = 1mA, IB = 0VV(BR)CEО25V
Emitter-base breakdown voltage IE=100μA, IC=0V(BR)EBO5V
Collector cut-off currentV= 40V, IЕ = 0
Collector cut-off currentVCE= 20V, IВ= 0ICEО0,1μA
Emitter cut-off currentVEB = 6V, IC = 0IEBO0,1μA
DC current gainVCE=1 V,IC= 50 mA
VCE=1 V, IC=500 mA
Collector-emitter saturation voltageIC= 500mA, IB = 50mACE(sat)0,6V
Base-emitter saturation voltageIC= 500mA, IB = 50mAВE(sat)1,2V
Transition frequencyVCE=6 V, IC= 20 mA,
f=30 MHz

Depending on the current transfer ratio, S8050 transistors in SMD package J3Y are divided into three types:

  • L from 120 to 200;
  • H from 200 to 350;
  • J from 300 to 400.


The S8050 transistor can be replaced with equivalents:

  • 2SC1008, 2SC1009;
  • 2SD471A, , KSC1008;
  • KSP06, KSP42;
  • KSP43, MPS650;
  • MPS650G, MPS651;
  • MPS651G, MPS6532;
  • MPS8050, MPSA42;
  • MPSA43, MPSW01;
  • MPSW05, MPSW05G;
  • MPSW06, MPSW06G;
  • MPSW42, S9013;
  • SS8050, ZTX457.

Russian equivalents exist: KT6114A, KT968B, KT6114B, KT6114B.

The complementary pair for the device in question is S8550. In SMD package it is marked as 2TY.


Many companies are involved in the production of the S8050 transistor, Datasheet from all of them can be downloaded in a special section on this link. There you can find the original documents of each component in PDF format.

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