2N7000 Mosfet Transistor: Pinout and Equivalents

This article gives the specifications of the 2N7000 N-Mosfet transistor, its pinout and all equivalents. It is made using DMOS technology, widely used in their solutions in the early 90’s by Fairchild Semiconductor. Suitable for use in applications with small currents not exceeding 0.4 A, or pulsed up to 2.0 A. It is quite often used in servo control devices or with more powerful JFET transistors in secondary circuits.

Based on the transistor in question, Vishay successfully produces VQ1000J / P ICs.

The Pinout

Pinout 2N7000 depends on the package design. Nowadays such transistors are most common in plastic packages TO-92, which have the following pinout assignment:

  • Source (S) on the left;
  • Gate (G) in the middle;
  • Drain (D) on the right.

For detailed pinout information, see the illustration.


Some experts ask the question, is the 2N7000 transistor NPN or PNP? Actually it is neither, NPN and PNP are the structure typical of BJT transistors and the 2N7000 is a JFET but with a Mostfet structure.


Getting acquainted with the main specs of 2N7000 we can note its following positive qualities: reliability during operation; strength of silicon structure; low on-state resistance (RDS(on) from 1.2 Ohm); good switching frequency (ton from 7 ns); initial opening threshold (VGS from 2.1 V). Thanks to DMOS, the transistor in question is optimized to handle high voltages and to handle higher currents. A thick backplane oxide layer in the design significantly increases the life of the product.


Maximum specifications of 2N7000 (TA=+25OC)

  • Voltage: C-I (VDSS) up to 60 V; C-Z (VDRG) up to 60 V, at (RGS < 1 megohm); Z-I (VGSS) ± 20 V or ± 40 V, at tp<50 µs;
  • Current (ID): continuous up to 200 mA; pulsed up to 500 mA;
  • Power dissipation (PD): up to 400 mW;
  • storage and operating temperatures (TSTG, TJ): -55 … +150 OC.

The above parameters are valid when the ambient temperature does not exceed +25OC, unless other data is available. Continuous operation of the device at maximum values, or exceeding them, is not allowed. In the latter case, the transistor is more likely to fail.


Below is a table of the electrical specs of the 2N7000, which shows the nominal values, with which the manufacturer guarantees a consistently long and continuous operation. All values are given for the recommended measurement modes and operating conditions.



As 2N7000 equivalents, you can use:

  • SB170;
  • BS270;
  • 2N7002.

There is also a Russian equivalent KP214A9.


Many companies produce the 2N7000, datasheet from each of them can be downloaded here.

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