IRF510 Transistor Pinout: Circuit and Specs

This article will discuss the specifications of the IRF510 mosfet transistor, its pinout, circuits and equivalents for replacing a failed device. This N-channel transistor is designed for applications where high switching speed and low on-resistance are important. Most often it can be found in switching power supplies, motor control devices, UPS. Manufactured by various manufacturers of electronic components under license from IR using HEXFET® technology.


We will consider the pinout of the IRF510 in the TO-220AB package with a built-in radiator, because almost all companies producing this transistor, with rare exceptions, equip it with their name. If you look at its marking, then it has three hard pins with the following purpose: the left contact is the gate (G), in the middle is the drain (D), the next is the source (S).


Like all modern high-power MOSFETs from IR, the IRF510 has a good maximum allowable performance. It is able to withstand heavy loads approaching the limit values ​​of operation.

Specification IRF510:

  • Voltage between drain-source contacts (VDS) – 100 V;
  • Recommended drain current (ID):
    • at TC up to + 25OS – 5.6 A;
    • at TC up to +100OS – 4.0 A;
    • Pulsed drain curren (IDM) – 20 A;
    • peak, in avalanche conditions (IAR) – 6 A;
  • In the open state, the resistance RDS(ON) up to 0.54 Ω;
  • Gate-source voltage (VGS) ±20 V;
  • Repetitive avalanche energy (EAR) – 4.3 mJ;
  • Maximum power dissipation (PD) – 43 W;
  • Peak diode recovery dV/dt c (dV/dt) – 5.5 V/ns;
  • Operating junction and storage temperature range (TJ, Tstg) – -55 to +175 °C;

International Rectifier (since 2014) absorbed the American electronics manufacturer Infineon Technologie.

It is not recommended to exceed the specified values and allow long periods of operation in such modes. In such difficult conditions, the device will eventually fail quickly.

The table below shows all the electrical specifications of the IRF510 transistor.

electrical characteristics irf510

All data are based on an ambient temperature not exceeding 25°C, unless otherwise indicated.


For the IRF510, it is difficult to find a replacement equivalent. First of all, we can recommend a completely identical model from Vishay Siliconix – SiHF510. This is a copy of the transistor in question, both in terms of its parameters and physical properties. Moreover, it is improved.

Of course, there are other companies that produced devices similar in their properties, but they are now quite difficult to find on sale. These include: 2SK2399 (Toshiba), PHP6N10E (Philips), RFP2N08 (Fairchild Semiconductor), STP7NE10 (STMicroelectronics). Please read their datasheet carefully before using equivalents.


Below is the circuit of a simple MOSFET power amplifier on the IRF510.


Manufacturers IRF symbols in the name of power electronics are known all over the world. They have become the standard in labeling electronic components from many companies. This is how it is designated by such manufacturers: Fairchild Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics, Harris Company, Inchange Semiconductor, Intersil Corporation, New Jersey Semi-Conductor Products, Supertex Inc.

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