IRF4905 Mosfet Transistor: Pinout and Equivalents

According to the specifications, the IRF4905 is a MOSFET transistor from the International Rectifier (IRF). The fifth-generation HEXFET technology used in it made it possible to significantly reduce the silicon pad area (compared to previous versions) and achieve very low on-state resistance. These improvements have created the conditions for achieving higher switching speeds and structural strength.

The MOSFET in question is positioned by IRF as a highly efficient and reliable device for use in a wide variety of applications.

The Pinout

Let’s consider the pinout of the IRF4905 in the TO-220AB plastic package, in which it is produced. The package is equipped with a metal substrate (with the possibility of fastening under a bolt) and pins. The latter are called (from left to right): gate (G), drain (D), source (S).


The maximum possible power dissipation of TO-220AB is about 50 watts. The low thermal resistance and the low cost of this package have contributed to the wide distribution of the device throughout the world.


Let’s take a look at the IRF4905 specifications in more detail. In the technical description (datasheet) on the MOSFET from the manufacturer, they are presented in tables of absolute and electrical parameters. All values (unless otherwise stated) are measured at a crystal temperature (TJ) not exceeding +25 oC.

IRF4905 maximum specifications:

  • Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ -10V (TC = 25°C): -74 A;
  • Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ -10V (TC = 100°C): -52 A;
  • Pulsed Drain Current: -260 A;
  • Power Dissipation (TC = 25°C): 200 W;
  • Linear Derating Factor: 1.3 W/°C;
  • Gate-to-Source Voltage: ± 20 V;
  • Single Pulse Avalanche Energy: 930 mJ;
  • Avalanche Current: -38 A;
  • Repetitive Avalanche Energy: 20 mJ;
  • Peak Diode Recovery dv/dt: -5.0 V/ns;
  • Operating Junction and Storage Temperature Range: -55 to + 175 °C.

The above parameters are the maximum possible. Even a short-term excess of one of them can lead to overheating and failure of the product. An essential condition for stable operation is to maintain the temperature of the crystal (TJ) at +25oC, since its growth negatively affects all operational properties of the MOSFET.

When getting acquainted with the maximum values of the parameters of the transistor in question, it is necessary to pay attention to the “-” sign. Thus, the manufacturer indicates the hole conduction of the channel between the doped contacts of the stoke and source (i.e., a P-type channel).


The table below provides the electrical specifications for the MOSFET in question. They reflect the nominal values of the characteristics at which the device has been tested directly by the manufacturer. The “Conditions” column shows the test conditions.

Electrical Characteristics IRF4905


The main competitor and full equivalent to replace the IRF4905 is the STB80PF55 from STMicroelectronics. The closest parameters are: SPP80P06P, SUB65P06-20. As an alternative for a replacement, you can consider MTP50P03HDL.


The main manufacturer of the IRF4905 is currently the German company Infineon Technologies. Since 2015, it has acquired the assets of IRF and has become the main supplier of this brand. You can get acquainted with the datasheet for IRF4905 in pdf-format at the following link.

75IRFInfineon Technologies (IRF)pdf
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