IC LM358 Pinout, Circuits & Equivalent


This article provides technical specifications of the LM358 IC, its pinout and connection circuits, as well as possible equivalent for replacement.

Low cost, no need for additional frequency correction elements, possibility to use it in the whole range of standard supply voltages (up to +32V) and low current consumption make it a candidate number one electronic projects with op-amp.

LM358 Pinout

The LM358 consists of two operational amplifiers, each with 4 pins that have a different purpose. This makes a total of 8 pins. Produced in several types of package design, for bulk DIP and surface mount on a board SO. They can also be found in advanced packages SOIC, VSSOP, TSSOP.


LM358 pinout for all kinds of packages is the same: 2,3,5,6 – inputs, 1,7 – outputs, 4 – minus power supply, 8 – plus power supply.

Technical Specifications

The LM358 maximum specifications are shown below for the ambient operating temperature range of TA from 0 to +70 °C, unless otherwise specified.


Basic electrical specs, at ambient temperature TA = 25 °C.


Recommended operating conditions in the ambient operating temperature range, unless otherwise specified:


Exposure of the device to damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD):


This device also has thermal specifications:


LM358 Circuits

Below are some simple lm358 circuit diagrams which may come in handy. They are all introductory, so be sure to check everything before implementing it in a production environment.

A circuit in a high-power non-inverting amplifier.


Voltage to current converter.


Differential amplifier circuit.


A medium-power non-inverting amplifier.



Equivalents of the LM358 can be considered ICs in which identical characteristics are specified. These include: LM158, LM258, LM2904, LM2409. These ICs differ slightly in their thermal parameters and will be suitable as a replacement for most projects.

For its replacement you can use: GL 358, NE 532, OP 04, OP 221, OP 290, OP 295, OPA 2237, TA7 5358-P, UPC 358C, AN 6561, CA 358E, HA 17904.

For replacement may also approach equivalent for electrical parameters, but already with four operational amplifier in the IC- LM324.


The LM prefix was first used in general-purpose labeling by National Semiconductor. The “358” was its serial number. In 2011, this company was acquired by another electronics manufacturer, Texas Instruments. Since that year, the prefix “LM” is the manufacturer code of Texas Instruments, but despite this, this code is used by other manufacturers in marking their products. The LM358, LM358-N and LM358-P ICs have the same technical parameters. Most manufacturers have “-N” , “-P” refers to plastic PDIP packages.


In the technical descriptions you will find these types: LM358A, LM358B, LM358BA. This specifies the next generation version of the industry standard LM358. B” devices may be available in more modern TSOT and WSON packages.


The Lm358 is widely used in:

  • “flashing beacon” type devices;
  • Power supplies and battery chargers;
  • Motor control circuits;
  • motherboards;
  • Split systems for indoor and outdoor applications;
  • Household appliances: dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators;
  • various types of inverters;
  • Uninterruptible power supplies;
  • Controllers etc.

The application possibilities of the ICs are usually indicated by the manufacturers in the technical descriptions of their devices.


You can download Datasheet for Lm358 from all manufacturers in the next section.

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