Datasheet for IRFZ44N Transistor

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To date, there are 10 manufacturers of the IRFZ44N transistor, in the list we have provided a Datasheet from each in PDF format. You can download by clicking on the PDF icon.
The most common of them are PHILIPS, International Rectifier, TRANSYS Electronics Limited, Inchange Semiconductor Company Limited, Tiger Electronic Co.,Ltd.

117PHILIPSPHILIPS [NXP Semiconductors]pdf
75IRFIRF [International Rectifier]pdf
165TELTEL [TRANSYS Electronics Limited]pdf
557SUNTACSUNTAC [Suntac Electronic Corp.]pdf
ISCLISC [Inchange Semiconductor Company Limited]pdf
TGS-lTGS [Tiger Electronic Co.,Ltd]pdf
NJSEMINJSEMI [New Jersey Semi-Conductor Products, Inc.]pdf
978KERSEMIKERSEMI [Kersemi Electronic Co., Ltd.]pdf
300FCIFCI [First Components International]pdf
969THINKISEMITHINKISEMI [Thinki Semiconductor Co., Ltd.]pdf

Maxi Specs IRFZ44N (Ta = 25oC unless specified otherwise):

VDSSDrain-Source Voltage55V
VGSGate-Source Voltage-Continuous±20V
IDDrain Current-Continuous49A
IDMDrain current (pulse peak value)160A
PDTotal Dissipation @Tc=25’C94W
TJMax. Operating Junction Temperature175oC
TstgStorage Temperature-55~175oC
Description and pinout IRFZ44N

In the datasheet for the IRFZ44N transistor you will find technical specifications, a complementary pair and all possible replacements.

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