Datasheet for LM741 Op-amp

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To date, there are 5 manufacturers of the LM741 Op-amp, in the list we have provided a Datasheet from each in PDF format. You can download by clicking on the PDF icon.
The most common of them are SEOUL, FAIRCHILD, TI, INTERSIL, HARRIS.  

432SEOULSEOUL [Seoul Semiconductor]pdf
Fairchild SemiconductorFAIRCHILD [Fairchild Semiconductor]pdf
158TITI [Texas Instruments]pdf
76INTERSILINTERSIL [Intersil Corporation]pdf
194HARRISHARRIS [Harris Corporation]pdf

Absolute maximum ratings (Ta = 25oC unless specified otherwise):

Supply VoltageVCC±18V
Differential Input VoltageVI(DIFF)30V
Input VoltageVI±15V
Output Short Circuit DurationIndefinite
Power Dissipation PD500mW
Operating Temperature Range
0 ~ + 70
-40 ~ +85
Storage Temperature RangeTSTG-65 ~ + 150°C
Description and pinout LM741

In the datasheet for the LM741 Op-amp you will find technical specifications, a complementary pair and all possible replacements.

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