Datasheet for 2N3055 bjt Transistor

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To date, there are 24 manufacturers of the 2N3055 bjt transistor, in the list we have provided a Datasheet from each in PDF format. You can download by clicking on the PDF icon.
The most common of them are Toshiba, MOSPEC, ONSEMI, NELLSEMI, MOTOROLA, UTC.

163TOSHIBAToshiba Semiconductorpdf
104MOSPECMOSPEC [Mospec Semiconductor]pdf
ONSemiconductorONSEMI [ON Semiconductor]pdf
908NELLSEMINELLSEMI [Nell Semiconductor Co., Ltd]pdf
105MOTOROLAMOTOROLA [Motorola, Inc]pdf
1UTCUTC [Unisonic Technologies]pdf
Central Semiconductor CorpCENTRAL [Central Semiconductor Corp]pdf
165TELTEL [TRANSYS Electronics Limited]pdf
CDILCDIL [Continental Device India Limited]pdf
TGS-lTGS [Tiger Electronic Co.,Ltd]pdf
SIEMENSSIEMENS [Siemens Semiconductor Group]pdf
592SAVANTICSAVANTIC [Savantic, Inc.]pdf
664JMNICJMNIC [Quanzhou Jinmei Electronic Co.,Ltd.]pdf
23BOCABOCA [Boca Semiconductor Corporation]pdf
DCCOMDCCOM [Dc Components]pdf
100MICROSEMIMICROSEMI [Microsemi Corporation]pdf
701MA-COMMA-COM [M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc.]pdf
ETC1 [List of Unclassifed Manufacturers]pdf
COMSET SemiCOMSET [Comset Semiconductor]pdf
TTELEC ElectronicsTTELEC [TT Electronics.]pdf
NJSEMINJSEMI [New Jersey Semi-Conductor Products, Inc.]pdf
LUGUANG2LUGUANG [Shenzhen Luguang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd]pdf
Seme LABSEME-LAB [Seme LAB]pdf

Absolute Maximum Ratings 2N3055 (Ta = 25oC unless specified otherwise)

Collector-Emitter VoltageVCEO 60V
Collector-Emitter VoltageVCER70V
Collector-Base VoltageVCBO100V
Emitter-Base VoltageVEBO7.0V
Collector Current-ContinuousIC15A
Base CurrentIB7.0A
Total Power Dissipation @Tc=25oC
Derate above 25oC
Operating and Storage Junction
Temperature Range
TJ ,TSTG-65 to +200oC

In the datasheet for the 2N3055 bjt transistor you will find technical specifications, a complementary pair and all possible replacements.

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